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Cat restrained in preparation for some diabolic"testing"

The reality is, Jew’s can’t outrun their past. You can speak of THE ONE MOST HIGH, until your blue in the face, but all you do is risk bringing down his wrath, as according to the teachings of the Prophets, he despises liars and those who engage in bearing false witness. Without accurately teaching “why bad things happened”, that is all your doing is bearing false witness, among other terrible sins. Let the scales be evenly weighed, and move on.

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Indian spiritual leader and philosopher (1869 - 1948)

Western governments are the main source of the ills of the world. The “Israel lobby” controls western foreign policy. Israel itself is the “root cause” of all the terrors of the Middle East, from the Iraq war to Islamic State. Polite racism turns the Jews, once again, into demons with the supernatural power to manipulate and destroy nations. Or as the Swedish foreign minister, Margot Wallström, who sees herself as a feminist rather than a racial conspiracist, explained recently, Islamist attacks in Paris were the fault of Israeli occupiers in the West Bank.

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So, yes, it makes sense then, that a money changer table turning over, in your face and exposing the fraud of the demonic levitical ruling class kind of guy would be immensely hated by his target. And it seems entirely plausible this guy, Jesus, would be perceived as a threat. Now, let’s see … the people with the power, and money are threatened … hmmmm. And the next thing you know, Jesus is dead. But the modern ‘jew’ forefathers had nothing to do with that. No! Impossible! hahahaha

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An article that should be read by all. I wish we Jews could make the people of the world good and kind, but, that is expecting less than 1% of the worlds population can change the thinking of the rest of the world!

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (US, Noontide Press, 2003), p 64.

This is not True.. go research about the Talmud and Kabala.. their God is not our creator their false god is Baal and they have sects like Freemason , Bohemian Grove and they had 420 skull and bones.. and Abraham wasnt a Jew wtf this PHD perverted jew who is trying to fool ? people that have read the bible and Quran knows very well that Jews were Dammed by God for the ETERNITY for workinship Baal and they keep doing it.. they kidnap children, rape them and sacrifice them in their Jew Blood Rituals..
THIS ARTICLE HAS ALOT OF LIES! AND JEWS WERE EXPELLED FROM 109 Locations since AD 250 .. YOU CAN RESEARCH IT .. and WHY? Because they practice satanic rituals, they torture animals , they promote homosexual-transexual and peadofile agenda.. why? because in their Talmud book its normal for them sexualy asault 3yos.. JEWS ARE WORST THAN ANIMALS THATS WHY THEY WERE CALLED SUBHUMAN AND THEY ALWAYS BE SUBHUMAN

What do we say when we sneeze? A Jew.

From me, my 1 personal addition – holywood..last few years they started pushing these jew-comedy … well.. very disgusting primitive “humor”…but, who runs it, makes the choices…

And they’re the worst people to work for as well.

Jews are forcing their agenda (mlticultular enrichment) onto Europe while having apartheid state – Israel..
We all should love them for that ?

They’re the cheapest people on two legs.

If we accept at face value the way Katie Zavadski and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith use the term against those who disagree with their respectively sinister and malicious roles, motives and methods, especially in the United States and Europe, the answer would be “Yes.”