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AP European History DBQ. Read all the documents with care before formulating your DBQ essay and refer to at. Professional custom writing service offers custom essays term papersresearch papersthesis papersreportsreviewsspeeches and. Sample Responses Q1 DBQ. The following resources do not reflect the contentscopeor design specifications of the redesigned AP European History. The question was straightforward and gave students. History essays to get ideas for your own AP essays. Use these sample AP U. Teaching and Assessing AP European History features sample freeresponse questions and interactive. AP European History About the Exam Answering the DBQ. Looking for DBQ essay examples. We explain where to find the best sample DBQs and how to incorporate then into your prep for the AP exam.

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Although there were several economic motives that enabled the Reformation to spreadsuch as the confiscation of church landsthese were relatively unimportant in view of the other motives. Martin Lutherhowevercontested that there was biblical reference neither to indulgences nor to purgatory. The abuse that the population could already see in the form of the sale of indulgences and the general state of the clergy allowed these ideas to catch quickly. College Board for AP history courses and created a userfriendly AP Euro DBQ Rubric for teachers to use while assessing their students DBQs. Ive created a video series explaining the new DBQ rubric that will be used on both the AP US History and AP European History exams this year. These political motivesin factwere much more important than the economic ones. Alsothere were intense political movementswhich helped countries to embrace Protestant ideas. Howevermany members of the guilds genuinely believed in the Protestant ideasand they would have spread nonetheless. Economicallythere were certain issues that allowed the Protestant Reformation to grab hold and take off. Calvin didor if one believed in adult baptismas the Anabaptists did. Likewiseeven the Catholic portions of Germany did not want to be held accountable to the emperor. Allowing church and state to exist together peacefully ended some religious arguments as well as prevented hostilities in the future. At its heartthe Protestant Reformation as a whole was primarily a religious eventnot an economic one. The social activities of the era were also catalysts for reform in the church.
. Appealing to peoples individualityLuther objected that the Bible could and should be interpreted by each person in their own manner. The hawking of indulgences for the Popes building fund for a new basilica in Rome was what truly angered Martin Luther into action.

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