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By: | December 27, 2013 4:47 pm

But for the angry fans certain that Cooperstown has no room for cheaters — those fans this post aims to convince otherwise — please at least dial back the outrage for a moment and consider the justification, understanding that no one is arguing that baseball players should take steroids or that being caught taking steroids in 2014 does not merit punishment.

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More than a permanent tribute to Jackie Robinson’s pioneering legacy and role as a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement, the museum will serve as a venue for vibrant dialogue on critical social issues and as a destination for innovative educational programming.

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Ty Cobb (right) was pretty good at baseball. (PHOTO: AP Photo)

It seems likely that most everyone who clicked this post did so to nod knowingly or shrug apathetically or quake angrily as he rifles through the four promised reasons the Hall of Fame should eliminate the character clause from its voting criteria and encourage the Baseball Writers Association of America to elect the retired baseball players who were best at playing baseball.

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Former Astros All-Star Craig Biggio has been accused of steroids use by a Hall of Fame voter despite never being publicly associated with PEDs. (PHOTO: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

“As a player you now have equity.”

Hall of Fame debates should be fun. Baseball’s Hall is as established and respected as any, and the comprehensiveness of baseball’s statistics mean it’s really the only sport where fans who haven’t seen a player in action can reasonably argue for or against his candidacy.

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By now, every baseball fan alive holds some strong opinion on the sport’s recent history with performance-enhancing drug use and how it should impact Hall of Fame voting.

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Some voters have said, quite reasonably, that they will vote for players from baseball’s so-called Steroid Era but . And, again, that makes sense: It’s not fair to punish players for the indiscretions of their colleagues.