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Drawing, even more than speaking or writing, may indeed be the most basic of all languages, hidden away since childhood waiting for its time in the sun. Who among us is our next Beatrix Potter?

A series of limited-edition 50 pence coins were released earlier this year to mark 150 years since the birth of Beatrix Potter.

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Beatrix Potter is for me a kind of inspiration as an artist that is sorely needed in our time. Many people who study with us at The Drawing Studio are starting at mid-life, often with an interest in art learning that has been long dormant – sometimes discouraged early on by practical parents, but certainly not recognized by our conventional systems of education. Teaching as many adults as I have, I notice how learning to draw often brings to the surface forgotten domains of personal fascination that have been waiting since childhood to be acknowledged and expressed. I call it ‘art-in-the-cracks’, unconventional, very personal, and often a wind of fresh air into the accepted role of art in the world.

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Beatrix Potter, born into the wealthy class of English nobility in 1866, was educated at home, like all girls of her social class. She kept a diary in code that was only cracked after her death in 1943, revealing the breadth of her mind and range of interests from her earliest years. Her first and most famous book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, was published in 1902 and became not just a classic but the standard for the whole domain of children’s books in the world.

To help cheer him up, Potter included in her letter the story of Peter Rabbit in words and pictures.

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Given their enduring appeal, he and Potter's other memorable animal characters will likely live on for many generations to come.Helen Beatrix Potter was born on July 28, 1866, in Bolton Gardens, Kensington, England.

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The Royal Mint, which described Peter Rabbit as “one of the most cherished from children’s literature”, will also release uncoloured versions of the coin in change later this year.

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Her animal drawings accompanied verses written by Frederic Weatherley in a book entitled Potter remained virtually anonymous, however, by virtue of the fact that she signed her name simply as "H.B.P."Peter Rabbit Launched Writing CareerThree years later Potter wrote a letter to five-year-old Noël Moore, the seriously ill son of one of her former governesses.

The magic years of Beatrix Potter.

The Royal Mint’s special, coloured edition of its Peter Rabbit coin - and yes, that is real tender in the United Kingdom (face value is ca though it is really more of a colector's item)

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In 1988, for example, the Pierpont Morgan Library held an exhibition entitled "Beatrix Potter: Artist and Storyteller." Two years later, she was the subject of the British Broadcasting Company television show "Beatrix." And in 1994, the Royal Ballet performed "The Tales of Beatrix Potter." Her stature and influence in the world of children's literature thus remains considerable.It is her books, of course, that continue to captivate children around the world.

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Writing in the Sophia Vinogradov reflected on what she and undoubtedly many others remember about favorite characters such as Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and Squirrel Nutkin.