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in which I will compare using the creation of man in the Bible and Greek mythology

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Chaos and and Gaea were brought together through Eros, and produced the heavens and solar system, (Uranus) along with the seas and mountains of the earth. There were lesser gods created from this as well, known as the . Each god presided over one aspect of nature or survival. Human beings are said to have been created possibly from these gods, however there were some Greek societies who believed that mankind sprung from the earth…. much as the Christian Bible speaks of God creating man from dust.

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There are differences in the creation stories…with some similar essentials, such as the world beginning in darkness. In Greek mythology this darkness is called Chaos. Chaos is the beginning of all things, and from this darkness came the earth (Gaea), Eros (which represented love) and the underworld (). In the Christian Bible, God speaks and it is so. Where in Greek mythology it is many gods who are responsible for bringing the world and the universe into being, the Bible gives credit to only one…God Himself.

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The piece of “head of Poseidon” from MFAH (Museum of Fine Art Houston) itself is an Olympian god of the sea known as (Greek mythology) that Greek believed in the power of gods and goddesses as part of the role and purpose of it created.

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