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Or simply Brutus, he played a key role in the assassination of Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Brutus, leader of the Populares, was a close ally of Caesar. But Caesar’s dictatorial policies led Brutus to oppose him. Political tensions because of a civil war led to the formation of a plot to assassinate Caesar and liberate Rome from his greed for power. The plotters included Brutus as well, and the assassination was carried out on the Ides of March, 44 BC. Brutus was the last man to stab Caesar.

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Brutus, then seeing his own defeat as inevitable, killed himself.Antony and Octavian divided Rome and its territories between them, and after Antony’s death, Octavian became Caesar Augustus, founder of the Roman Empire.In time, Julius Caesar would be remembered not as power-hungry but as a great leader, with many Roman rulers after him taking on Caesar as a title.

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Write an essay discussing the qualities of good and badleaders, using Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, and/or Antony. Consider discussing howtheir styles affect actions and events how theyare effective/ineffective. What is Shakespeare's larger message?

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