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Campus administrators must also combat academic dishonesty. They need to do something about the widespread impression that judicial proceedings are interminable and ineffectual. Insofar as this impression is true, the administration bears responsibility for the amount of cheating ignored on campus. And insofar as it's false, the administration needs to convince skeptical profs.

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5. Make the penalties clear. If aninstitutional policy exists,quote it in your syllabus. If you have your own policy, specify thepenaltiesinvolved. For example, "Cheating on a paper will result in an F on thatpaper with no possibility of a makeup. A second act of cheating willresultin an F in the course regardless of the student's gradeotherwise." Ifyou teach at a university where the penalty for plagiarism is dismissalfrom the university or being reported to the Academic Dean or Dean ofStudents,you should make that clear as well. Even the penalties can bepresentedin a positive light. Penalties exist to reassure honeststudentsthat their efforts are respected and valued, so much so that those whowould escape the work by fakery will be punished substantially. Note:There are always a few students who will be caught plagiarizing andthen claim that no one cared or told them. When you point to thesection in your syllabus, they will say, "I thought it was a genericsyllabus so I didn't read it." The better idea, then, is to read theappropriate places from the syllabus to the class at the first meeting.

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Perhaps the most effective discussion will ask the students tothinkabout who is really being cheated when someone plagiarizes. Copyingpapers or even parts of papers short circuits a number of learningexperiencesand opportunities for the development of skills: actually doing theworkof the research paper rather than counterfeiting it gives the studentnotonly knowledge of the subject and insights into the world ofinformationand controversy, but improves research skills, thinking and analyzing,organizing, writing, planning and time management, and evenmeticulousness(those picky citation styles actually help improve one's attention todetail). All this is missed when the paper is faked, and it is these missedskillswhich will be of high value in the working world. A degreewill helpstudents get a first job, but performance--using the skills developedbydoing just such assignments as research papers--will be required forpromotion.

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I'll bet these results are as unsurprising to most students as they are shocking to the typical faculty member or administrator. I've met lots of cheaters, both as a professor and as an undergraduate member of a judicial panel that tried cases of academic dishonesty. Most cheaters are neither immoral nor stupid. While they know cheating is against the rules, most of them don't understand how serious it is.

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Honest students, you must also help create a positive environment, worthy of your efforts. The minimum you can do is express disapproval when your friends cheat. This requires moral courage. But if you can't stand up to your friends in a university, where candid debate is supposed to flourish, how will you ever stand up for what's right?