Dealing with the death of a loved one

Advice on how to deal with the death of a loved one

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Kellehear points out that about 66% of widows and 75% of parents who lose children experience bereavement hallucinations where their lost loved ones are briefly seen or heard. By contrast, in a recent prospective study where NDErs were interviewed within a week of their experiences, only about one-third (32%) of those who had NDEs reported meeting deceased persons. Even fewer—about a quarter (24%)—reported OBEs. In fact, only two of the ten tabulated elements were found in half or more of the NDErs: positive emotions (56%) and an awareness of being dead (50%) (van Lommel et al. 2041). Thus in hallucinations near death is not nearly as common as our image of the prototypical Western NDE suggests.

Coping With the Loss of a Loved One

children and adolescents coping with the death of a loved one

Ironically, in his memoirs published in 1930, German Military Attache Maximilian vonSchwarzkoppen revealed that the traitorous major's first overture was made on July 20,1894, ninety-nine years to the day before the Foster death. Other parallels to the caseare striking. One of the largest is the similarity of the national mood. As it neared theend of the century, France was having trouble coping with what was perceived as thedecline of traditional values. The following quote refers to the election of 1893:

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Even a generally credulous White House press corps couldn't seem to believe its ownears at what it was being told. Even they knew that light might be shed on the“unknowable mystery” of Foster's death by his phone log and appointmentscalendar, and, in a White House attorneys' document dated May 15, 1996 prepared pursuantto Congressional testimony we have the following statement with respect to theobservations of White House lawyer Stephen Neuwirth on July 22, 1993: "He recalls arequest that they (the Park Police) review what was on VF computer and that they asked forphone logs and calendars." [10] Later, copies of phone messages are shown in theSenate documents, but there is no record of Foster's personal phone log and desk calendarever having turned up.

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