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How to Make Me Come is a site that features honest, hilarious advice on the female orgasm.

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Even if you're not looking for tips, reading the essays will leave you feeling totally vindicated. "I think we don't talk about female orgasm enough because we have been conditioned to prioritize male orgasm," says the founder. "HTMMC seeks to build upon that; we've embraced the vagina, now we seek to actually derive pleasure from it!"

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Or essay no. 52, which discusses the importance of demanding an orgasm:

One additional benefit I can foresee is that the ideas for content that this project fosters will potentially outweigh the time spent developing the writing on spec. In the end, even if the piece isn’t picked up, the time spent developing the content on Hearst’s prompt will help lead to great content ideas.

Or essay no. 47, which talks about why good lovers need to be feminists:

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But with a large network like the ones these magazines have been cultivating for decades, the opportunity is clear. One post from The Mix community, titled “Things You Should Never Say to a Woman Who Doesn’t Want Kids,” got more than 92,000 shares, according to .

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The flat fee is comparable to a lot of . The might be harder to achieve, so your posts for The Mix probably won’t offer a new level of financial freedom. After 40,000 visits to your post, you earn a bonus of $.0025 per visit. Put more simply, for every 10,000 hits you get over that threshold, you’ll get $25.

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The first step is to . The Mix invites interested writers to send a list of previous clips, and they’ll consider you for the daily email list. Despite the influx of applications in the past few weeks, some writers have reported being accepted within a few days.

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But can Hearst scale its content offerings by paying $100 per post to a pool of writers with varying backgrounds and levels of experience? “The risk of becoming a platform, regardless of publisher, is that quality control becomes secondary in the quest for scale, undermining the editorial promise for readers and value to advertisers,” Moses .

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If one catches your eye, you have two days to submit your short essay; editors look for about 600 words. If it’s selected, you’ll see your personal essay run on a major magazine’s website in just a few days’ time, and earn some cash to boot.

Here’s what you should consider before participating.

The most challenging part of participating in The Mix is there’s no guarantee your work will be published. Instead of before you write, you’ve got to do the work up front and hope your piece beats the competition.