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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award for Best Play, Death of a Salesman is considered to be one of the greatest plays in the American theatre. Written by Miller in 1949, the play is a work of tremendous emotional impact that executes an unflinching examination of the American Dream that is as relevant today as the day it was first produced. A play of deep, universal themes, Miller’s indictment of the American Dream sheds light on the high cost of the relentless pursuit of success.

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- American Dream in literature essays examine rags-to-riches story theme in major works such as The Great Gatsby and Death of a Salesman.

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09/02/2018 · Death of a Salesman Summary

Miller’s famous play circles around traveling salesman Willy Loman, who finds himself at the end of his career and the end of his rope. Tortured by his own sense of failure and his crushed hopes that his sons will achieve greatness, Willy’s mind slips more and more into the past, where the future still held great promise and achieving the American Dream seemed possible. Willy’s family struggles to keep him in the present, even as relationships are strained and forgiveness seems impossible.