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This essay is an output of the ‘’ project. The Somali component of the research focuses on the diaspora’s efforts to maintain remittance flows to the Somali regions in the background of growing stability in the region. The project is based on research carried out in London, UK and Hargeysa, Somaliland.

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While there is not one major text that can easily serve as an overview of diaspora studies within anthropology, a number of essays and books together delineate its unwieldy parameters. , the introductory essay to a special “diaspora” issue of , and , an essay for , provide overviews of the concept that are specific to anthropology. , an exposition and analysis of the term, is probably the most cited across disciplines, while delineates its three key complementary meanings. The review essay is significant in that it links diaspora studies to cultural studies and area studies. The other texts that provide a general overview are two broad historical and conceptual studies of diaspora (, ). traces the incredible dispersion of the term itself. It is important to note that criticism of the diaspora concept is usually built into its analysis.

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Argues that the anthropology of the African diaspora is foundational to current anthropological theory—even as its practitioners have been elided from the core of the discipline. The essay resituates these early figures and early scholarship in its review of contemporary trends in the study of the African diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean. Available for purchase or by subscription.

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