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Genes, Environment, and Criminal Behavior

Most adoption studies examine the correlation between criminality in the biological parents of adopted children, but what about the correlation between the children and their adopted parents who are crucial to their environment?I agree with Jones that the influence of neurochemicals on criminal and antisocial behavior are indicative of a genetic component to such behaviors.

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Professional Ethics & Wrongful Discharge

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The question was "Why should we have a legitimate interest in hiding things from others if we are not criminals?" It can help to look at the literature on social theory and moral philosphy here.A liberal philosophical argument was developed by Beate Rössler in a book that has the same title as Bruce's essay (did you read it?): "The Value of Privacy" (Polity Press 2004): No matter if you do something wrong or illegal - just the fact that you feel watched or know you are being watched has an impact on the way you behave.

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