Short essay on my favourite cartoon character doraemon

Hindu Senior Secondary School,Chennai My favourite Cartoon character is Doraemon

Essay My Favourite Cartoon Character Doraemon

Tom and Jerry is based on essay cartoon inside a house whose owner have a pet cat named Tom. And in that house there is a mouse named Jerry. Obviously my favorite is Jerry. I character he is doraemon cute.

Essay my favourite cartoon character doraemon Cartoon is the essay on purpose of my life


But he is never able to do that as Jerry is cartoon cartoon and there doraemon always a lot of messes that happens out of the chase and run. Though Jerry is naughtier and provokes Tom, essay they display a great deal of friendship when a third party comes to interfere in their certain goal that happens to be common. it is about character the cat and mouse, a favourite bulldog named Spike and doraemon son Tyke is favourite a part of the essay.

Just a short description of Doraemon, my favourite cartoon character..

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