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And whereas our provinces in North America
have been frequently savaged by Indian
enemies; more especially that of South
Carolina, which in the late war, by
neighboring savages, was laid waste by
fire and sword, and great numbers of the
English inhabitants miserably massacred;
and our loving subjects who now inhabit
there, by reason of the smallness of their
numbers, will, in case of a new war, be
exposed to the like calamities, inasmuch
as their whole southern frontier continueth
unsettled, and lieth open to the said savages.

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The biggest lie that members of the so-called “Sanders Left” told during the 2016 elections is that there was no appreciable difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. After six months of having Donald J. Trump lead the country, it’s quite clear that the left should have listened to . We know a disaster when we see one.

David H. Connolly, Jr.Topics in Georgia HistoryProfessor Michael Price

Sanders’s voters think that black women who care about establishment politics lack vision. They don't get the psychology of black women’s party loyalty. Black feminist theorists beginning with Professor Stanlie James have long talked about what they call the “visionary pragmatism” of black women. They point to the fact that black women typically believe in a brighter future but that they also believe in keeping the lights on and in maintaining a solid foundation upon which to build the future they want to see. You and a pragmatic approach in the voting booth. Unfortunately demagogues on the left insist that this is a lack of vision.

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Shortly after arrival, and through the offices of Tomochichi, Oglethorpe wasable to conclude a treaty of friendship with the Lower Creeks. Tomochichi helped convincethe attending chiefs that Oglethorpe and his settlers were not a threat and could betrusted. During the treaty conference, Tomochichi declared to the gathered chiefsOglethorpe's "goodness". This was a major accomplishment for Oglethorpe for ithelped to secure the new colony from threat of attack by the most powerful of the Indiantribes in the Southeast. The Creeks ceded land to the colony and agreed not to molestEnglish traders. In exchange, Oglethorpe promised to punish the traders who defrauded theIndians or destroyed their property.

"Politics" is an essay written by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tomochichi essentially submitted himself and his people to English authorityfrom the first meeting with Oglethorpe. He presented Oglethorpe a gift of a buffalo skinpainted with various designs symbolic of the desired relationship with Oglethorpe and theEnglish. The skin was symbolic recognition of English power and the Yamacraws' hope fortheir protection. Oglethorpe reported to the Georgia Trustees Tomochichi's hope "thatwe would Love and Protect their little Families." (Baine, pg. 243)

It is part of his Essays: Second Series, published in 1844

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