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A second set of six see-through cards depicts French soldiers dying of wounds, with one soldier holding a photo of a woman. The initial printing was about 400,000 of each card and they were dropped from early May to early June 1940. The see-through sexual scenes depict a soldier and a nude woman sitting on a bed; a soldier and nude woman lying on a bed; a smiling soldier and a crying woman sitting on a bed, both partially clothed; a soldier sitting on a couch with a woman on his lap; a soldier standing and nude woman sitting in a salon; and a soldier, nude girl, and angry mother standing in a room.

In 1543 he published material derived from Moerbeke'stranslation of Archimedes as if it were his own work.

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The educated considered God the omniscient creator, and worshipof the sun and the emperor as his son was spread throughout theempire. As there is only one sun, there was one emperor; peopletaken into the empire were expected to worship the sun. A stormgod was importuned for rain, and the moon goddess was importantin periodic festivals. People in the highlands worshiped the earthgoddess also, and those along the coast the sea goddess. Sinswere confessed to priests, who took measures to make sure confessionswere complete. Human sacrifice was rare among the Incas, and agirl so chosen was considered honored and blessed. Illness wasthought a punishment for sin; healing was not only by magic butalso by using various herbs.

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Ahuitzotl was an aggressive king and began his reign by attackingthe cities of Xiquipilco, Chiapas, and Xilotepec, providing manyvictims for his lavish coronation that cost a year's tribute andto which he invited even his enemies. Ahuitzotl insisted thatallies join him in quelling the unrest in the coastal provinceof Huastec. The pyramids of the Great Temple in Tenochtitlan wereinaugurated in 1487 with four days of sacrifices that were reportedby several sources to claim an astonishing 80,400 lives. Thesesacrifices were justified by the belief that such rituals werenecessary to keep the sun on its course. The captive warriorswere mollified by being honored as gods prior to their heartsbeing cut out. Next the Mexica king ruthlessly devastated therebellious cities of Teloloapan and Oztoma, killing all the adultsand distributing 40,000 children around the empire.

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Both the Axis and the Allies printed aerial propaganda leaflets using sexual themes in an attempt to demoralize enemy soldiers at the front. Did these leaflets work? Did the finders become emotionally crippled and unable to carry on their duties and responsibilities? Just the opposite occurred. The "pin-up" pictures became collectors items sought after by the troops who greedily collected and swapped them. If anything, the leaflets raised morale. There is no doubt that they were the most heartily appreciated propaganda leaflets used in World War 2. We can probably state that they were the most widely read and circulated enemy documents of any war.

He was a serial killer who killed a number of American teenagers.

5]Since the Upanishads themselves posit an identity of the Subject, the or Self, with , the transcendent Supreme Reality, Being itself, one could not confess surprise if Schopenhauer were to identify the Subject with Kant's transcendent thing-in-itself.

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Itzcoatl initiated the Mexica (Aztec) empire by conqueringCoyoacan, Xochimilco, Cuitlahuac, and the remaining towns in thevalley of Mexico. After conquering Cuernavaca, Itzcoatl died in1440, and Moteuczoma Ilhuicamina was elected king. Moteuczomawas a successful general and also a high priest; he expanded theMexica empire to the Gulf coast and organized botanical and zoologicalgardens. He had campaigned against Chalca to gain victims forhis coronation. When they captured and killed two sons of Nezahualcoyotland prepared for war, the Mexica mobilized every man and boy in1444 and gained the Tepanecs and Acolhuas as allies. The finalbattle was fought on the feast day of the Chalca god Camaxtliso that they would have captives to sacrifice. The victoriousMexica took five hundred prisoners and sacrificed them. The longwar with the Chalca was suspended when the Mexica suffered a greatfamine, though the Mexica found cause to make the Cohuixcas tributariesin 1448. The need for sacrificial victims stimulated the Mexica,Tepanecs, and Acolhuas in the valley to take on the Cholultecs,Tlascaltecs, and Huexotxincas in ritual combats to gain captives.A young man was not really recognized as a warrior until he hadcaptured a soldier by himself, and it took four captures beforehe was considered a veteran.

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An American propagandist once told me that he did not like to disapprove these strange and exotic concepts because it tended to stifle the creativity of his artists. It seems that on the Allied side at least, sex leaflets were produced mostly because the bosses thought it was a good way for their people to stretch their imaginations and remain creative.