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Louis Braille is buried in the Pantheon in Paris, as a French national hero.

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The Braille writing system--though demonstrated at the Paris Exposition of Industry in 1834 and praised by King Louis-Philippe--was not fully accepted until 1854, two years after the inventor's death.

Even at the Royal Institution, where Louis taught after he graduated, braille wasn't taught until after his death.

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TSS has both text and Braille captions and the text page features a short 200 word essay by Tim Samuelson about the significnce of these early works by Louis H.

5/3/2014 · 'Louis Braille' was born on 4th January 1809 in France

Onkyo Corporation and the Braille Mainichi(The Mainichi Newspapers) created "The Braille Essay Contest" in 2003 with the hope of building a bridge between Braille and sound for the visually disabled who share heart-warming feelings more closely. The contest has been held every year since then.
Having got the cooperation of the WBU-AP (World Blind Union Asia-Pacific) since 2004, ABU (Asian Blind Union) since 2005, EBU (European Blind Union) since 2007, and WBU-NAC (World Blind Union North America and Caribbean) since 2009, we had received a lot of entries from many countries and could have "cross-cultural communication" by understanding the culture and thinking of each country with Braille. We published this booklet, in print as well as in Braille, containing winning works in four regions (WBU-AP, ABU, EBU and WBU-NAC).
We wish that readers should understand the thinking and living of the visually disabled; and that, regardless of disability, all people should feel heart-warming harmony the disabled live in, or make, together.

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