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The American P40s were making it costly for the Japanese to attack Darwin. As a result, after the 17th of April raid, the Japanese changed to night bombing and nuisance raids. None of which did any damage. It was not until the 31st of July that the Japanese staged another large daylight raid when twenty seven bombers and fifteen fighters flew in over the sea toward Darwin. They were met by twenty seven P40s who shot down six Zeros and three bombers. The 9th Fighter Squadron caught the Zeros heading home and managed to shoot down another four. Again, the Japanese changed to night raids due to the cost of the day raids.

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There were two daylight campaigns which were waged in the dry seasons of 1942 and 1943. The Japanese did not just bomb Darwin and the surrounding airfields but also other Australian targets such as Broome and Milingimbi Island. The first raid against Darwin was on the 19th of February, 1942 when 180 Japanese aircraft from the aircraft carriers Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu and Soryu bombed the port, airfields, ships and airfield. The raid on the 20th, was from 54 land based bombers, who attacked the RAAF airbase at Darwin. While the Japanese bombed Darwin there were no RAAF fighter aircraft to face them.

Charles Darwin And Richard Owen Wars occur everyday, whether it be pushing and shoving or shooting and bombing. During the 1800's, a different war of conflict took place.

On the 25th of April the entire fighter group rose to defend Darwin from a force of twenty four bombers escorted by nine fighters. The 8th Pursuit claimed ten bombers and a Zero shot down. The Japanese attacked again soon after and for the loss of three bombers and four Zeros, the Americans lost four P40s.

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In January 1942 the fighter group left San Francisco for Australia where they setup with the 7th at Bankstown, the 8th at Canberra and the 9th at Williamtown each with an allotment of twenty five P40Es. After training a small group of twelve P40s from the 7th were sent to Horn Island off Cape York. They soon met in combat with an attacking force of Japanese bombers and acquitted themselves well. The Horn Island force was disbanded as the 49th FG moved to Darwin with the 9th Pursuit heading north first.