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Thesis statement for persian gulf war. The Iran-Iraq, war was fought over control of the.

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Israel has always considered Iraq an enemy, but it became especiallyconcerned about Iraq in the mid-1970s, when France agreed to provide Saddamwith a nuclear reactor. For good reason, Israel worried that Iraq mightuse the reactor as a stepping-stone to building nuclear weapons. Respondingto the threat, in 1981, the Israelis bombed the Osirak reactor before itbecame operational.16 Despite this setback, Iraq continued working on itsnuclear program in dispersed and secret locations. This situation helpsexplain IsraelÕs enthusiastic support for the first Gulf War in1991; its main concern was not to push Iraqi troops out of Kuwait but totopple Saddam and especially to make sure that Iraq's nuclear program wasdismantled.17 AIthough the United States did not remove Saddam from power,the UN inspections regime imposed on Baghdad after the war reduced - butdid not eliminate - Israel's concerns In fact, Ha'aretz reported on February26, 2001, that "Sharon believes that Iraq poses more of a threat toregional stability than Iran, due to the errant, irresponsible behaviorof Saddam Hussein's regime.''18

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After the war started, the concentration shifted from justification for war to justice during war. Here, too, Iraq failed to adhere to just-war principles. Iraq's treatment of prisoners of war stood in stark contrast to that of the coalition. The coalition also followed the requirements of just-war behavior which allows the killing of combatants despite the circumstances which brought them to bear. Finally, the coalition did not participate in individual assassination nor nuclear war, the latter of which would violate the exclusion of non-combatants from hostilities. At every opportunity, the coalition followed the requirements for a just war before and during the Persian Gulf War.

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Charles Krauthammer says this grand scheme to spread democracy acrossthe Middle East was the brainchild of Natan Sharansky, the Israeli politicianwhose writings are said to have impressed President Bush.149 But Sharanskywas hardly a lone voice in Israel. In fact, Israelis across the politicalspectrum maintained that toppling Saddam would alter the Middle East toIsrael's advantage. Writing in the New York Times in early September 2002former Prime Minister Ehud Barak argued that "putting an end to SaddamHussein's regime will change the geopolitical landscape of the Arab world."He claimed that "an Arab world without Saddam Hussein would enablemany from this generation [leaders about to come into power] to embracethe gradual democratic opening that some of the Persian Gulf states andJordan have begun to .. enjoy." Barak also maintained that topplingSaddam would "create an opening for forward movement on the Israeli-Palestinianconflict."150