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Some people wonder, “Why save the cheetah from being extinct?” On the other hand, others have a head start in joining in the race to save Africa’s fastest cats. I think people should join the race to save the cheetah, people have to help the cheetah from being extinct because they can be trained to love you, cheetahs are the world’s fastest land animal, and most of all because it would mess up the food chain. People have to help the cheetah from being extinct because they can be trained to love you. One time, I read a book called from the Challenger Library at home. Dr, Laurie, a doctor at CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund) worked with a cheetah called Chewbacca, a cute and calm cheetah. However, in a few minutes I looked at the CCF website on our computer then saw a title called , I clicked on it but I realized that it said Chewbacca has died, I even cried it was so sad. Now, I knew that the workers at the CCF and Dr. Laurie posted that I knew they loved Chewbacca very much, and then I knew that Chewbacca loved them back. (Considered a special story BTW: these both things are very old so…)

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In 1973, Jews bought the apartment block I had lived in peacefully for five years. They also owned night clubs and hotels in the downtown area, this was their first residential acquisition. They began to terrorize the existing residents, thug-style, tearing up valid leases and forcing elderly people to sign new ones under threats. I wasn’t elderly, but I came home from work one day to find a 6-inch builder’s nail hammered into the eye-hole of my apartment door with a big ugly note on it: “tenant has abandoned apartment, whereabouts unknown”. My terrified Scottish neighbors had left their door open a crack waiting for me to come home. They saw it all happen, the Jews broke in, stole clothing, household items and furniture, which they hid in storage lockers in the basement. This was the technique of Messrs Mader and DeBeer to terrorize me out so they could raise the rent. I called the police. The police found my property and forced the Jews to put it back. The police filed charges. The star witness, the janitor whom the Jews used to steal my property, did not show up! The police officer in charge asked the court for a postponement, so he could bring the star witness next time. Next time, again, the star witness did not show up. The police did not even bother to subpoena him. My Scottish neighbors showed up and wanted to testify. The policeman in charge said NO! My Scottish neighbors were losing a day’s pay to attend voluntarily. When they said they would leave, the police threatened to arrest them! The police made them wait… and then the Judge said, no star witness, case closed! The Jews were in control of the legal system through the non-Jewish police — otherwise how else could this have happened? The Jews robbed me and got away with it. No justice for non-Jews on our own soil? No, not at all while Jews and their money RULE and subvert our authorities, our rights and our institutions!

There are some other factors about reasons why people should go to jail when they abandon their pets

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I have a lot of Jewish ancestry and I fully support Israel, but the behavior of many Jews is really embarrassing, so much so that I keep my Jewish forbears to myself. People like Bernie Sanders and William Kristol are prime reasons why. How dare they call themselves Jews and be such traitors to Israel and their own people? Then you have clowns like the fat pigs at Gold and Silver Pawn in Las Vegas, on TV displaying their greed and gluttony, “Hardcore Pawn” in Detroit run by extremely obnoxious and greedy Jews…
Keep Jews like that off of Television and start running reality shows of Jewish doctors helping the poor for free, Jewish American patriots, Jewish athletes aiding the disabled, ANYTHING positive instead of this stream of greedy Jews and treasonous Jews and Communist Jews.