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If protection against themselves is confessedly due to children and persons under age, is not society equally bound to afford it to persons of mature years who are equally incapable of self-government? If gambling, or drunkenness, or incontinence, or idleness, or uncleanliness, are as injurious to happiness, and as great a hindrance to improvement, as many or most of the acts prohibited by law, why (it may be asked) should not law, so far as is consistent with practicability and social convenience, endeavour to repress these also? And as a supplement to the unavoidable imperfections of law, ought not opinion at least to organize a powerful police against these vices, and visit rigidly with social penalties those who are known to practise them?

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Leaders in developing the concept of believe that an EROI of at least five, and closer to ten, is needed to run a modern civilization. The shale oil and tar sands that were touted in the first decade of the 21st century have EROIs of less than five and as low as two, and similarly promoted biofuels have an EROI of about one. Exploiting inferior energy sources is a classic resource depletion scenario that has played out numerous times during the human journey, as each energy resource was plundered to exhaustion, whether it was terrestrial megafauna, forests, soils, or whales. Industrial civilization is fast approaching the level where it cannot energetically sustain itself. Below is a chart of EROIs for various, mostly American, energy sources. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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Are these the places which are to send forth minds capable of maintaining a victorious struggle with the debilitating influences of the age, and strengthening the side of Civilization by the support of a higher Cultivation? This, however, is what we require from these institutions; or, in their default, from others which take their place. And the very first step towards their reform be to unsectarianize them wholly—not by the paltry measure of allowing Dissenters to come and be taught orthodox sectarianism, but by putting an end to sectarian teaching altogether. The principle itself of dogmatic religion, dogmatic morality, dogmatic philosophy, is what requires to be rooted out; not any particular manifestation of that principle.

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Nevertheless, despite the inflamed sense of Irish nationality. Mill desires that the two countries should remain united. Their affairs are intimately intertwined in trade, population movements, and international security. Geography makes it easier for them to exist within one state rather than two. But the imperative condition for doing so successfully is that English rulers radically change their attitude towards Ireland. In making laws for that island they must resolve to recognize Irish circumstances and satisfy Irish interests no less than their own.

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In the Western Hemisphere, the and civilization collapses of around a thousand years ago, or the Mississippian civilization collapse of 500 years ago, have elicited a great deal of investigation. From New Age ideas that the Anasazi and Mayan peoples “ascended” to the Eurocentric conceit that the was European in origin, many speculations arose that have been disproven by the evidence. It is now known that the Anasazi and Mayan culture collapses were influenced by epic droughts, but that was only the proximate cause. The ultimate cause was that those civilizations were not energetically sustainable, and the unsustainable long before Europeans invaded North America. The Anasazi used logs to build their dwellings that today . Scientists have used strontium ratios in the wood to determine where the logs came from, as well as dating the wood with and analyzing , and a sobering picture emerged. The region was already arid, but agriculture and deforestation desertified the region around , which was the heart of Anasazi civilization. When Anasazi civilization collapsed, at Chaco Canyon they were hauling in timber from mountains more than 70 kilometers away (the strontium ratios could trace each log from the particular mountain that it came from). When the epic droughts delivered their final blows, Anasazi civilization collapsed into a morass of starvation, warfare, and cannibalism, and the forest has yet to begin to recover, nearly a millennium later.

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In particular, Mill argues, they should introduce sweeping agrarian reforms, leaving Irish peasants in permanent possession of their land, subject to fixed charges. In 1867, he told a correspondent that his guiding principle was: “To declare openly on all suitable occasions that England is bound either to govern Ireland so that Ireland shall be satisfied with her government, or to set Ireland free to govern herself.” He still hoped that it would be unnecessary to apply to Ireland the principle of one state for one nation, but, if English rulers failed in their duty, this would be inescapable.