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. Philosophy of religion is breifly characterized, and natural and deductive theology are defined.

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In the second decade of the twenty-first century, fresh collectionsare appearing more frequently as essays by feminists bearing on thephilosophy of religion become available (see Anderson, ed., 2010;Alcoff and Caputo, eds., 2011).

Søren Kierkegaard's insights that existence cannot be proved but must be assumed are discussed.

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The relationship between religion and science is the subject ofcontinued debate in philosophy and theology. To what extent arereligion and science compatible? Are religious beliefs sometimesconducive to science, or do they inevitably pose obstacles toscientific inquiry? The interdisciplinary field of “science andreligion”, also called “theology and science”, aimsto answer these and other questions. It studies historical andcontemporary interactions between these fields, and providesphilosophical analyses of how they interrelate.

. John Hick accounts for some of the questions surrounding the problems of moral and nonmoral evil.

. Philosophy of religion in the AngloAmerican tradition experienced a rebirth following the 1955 publication of New Essays in PhilosophicalA substantial introduction sketches the developments of the last halfcenturywhile also describing the ethics Issues related to the Religion and ethics in organization. Essays Related to My Personal Philosophy on God and Religion.

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-- with a natural history of the gods [65.4K]

This website is extensive, featuring a Lonergan Newsletter, discussion group, book reviews, primary sources, secondary sources, article reprints, related sites.

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Humans need religion. There is no society that does not have some form of spiritual belief. It gives us comfort in times of uncertainty and provides a way to celebrate marriages, births, deaths, and other life-changing events. The problem is when people decide that their version of religion is the only correct one and try to force it on others. Throughout history, this has, of course, resulted in great suffering and loss of life. Yet, the absence of religion creates a gap in our lives that must be filled. Otherwise, in times of pain and uncertainty, people often return to the most restrictive, fundamentalist versions because they have not considered any other alternatives.

You know what divine intervention is?":

Unfortunately, many people also see a conflict between religion and science. Yet, religion and science are both similar in that they are attempts to make sense of the world. Religion is an attempt to understand the nonphysical or metaphysical, and science is an attempt to understand the physical. Science can not prove or disprove the existence of God since scientists can only study things that can be directly observed and measured. Religious believers think they already know the ultimate truth; scientific knowledge is always being updated. A scientific theory is only valid until another, more accurate/comprehensive theory takes its place. When viewed this way, it becomes clear that they are complimentary. (For more information, look at by Albert Einstein, , and the page.)

That means that God came down from Heaven and stopped the bullets."

Just as the boatman sits in his small boat, trusting his frail craft in a stormy sea that is boundless in every direction, rising and falling with the howling, mountainous waves, so in the midst of a world full of suffering and misery the individual man calmly sits, supported by and trusting the , or the way in which the individual knows things as appearance., , Volume I, §63 [Dover Publications, 1966, E.F.J.