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Little has been done to see how fathers’ cognitions and attitudes affect child development. There has been some investigation of how mothers and fathers differ in their parental cognitions and parenting style: Mothers report higher endorsement of progressive parenting attitudes, encouraging their children to think and verbalize their own ideas and opinions, whereas fathers endorse a more authoritarian approach.15 What is unknown is the extent to which these differences in attitudes affect child outcomes. Another gap has to do with the direction of effect between parent and child, that is, how children affect their parents’ cognitions and attitudes.

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A large body of research on attitudes indicates that parental warmth together with reasonable levels of control combine to produce positive child outcomes. Although not strong, as noted above, the results are consistent. Researchers have noted that what is seen to be a reasonable level of control varies as a function of sociocultural context.3 Attitudes toward control are generally more positive in non Anglo-European cultures, with these attitudes having less detrimental effects on children’s development because they are more normative and less likely to be interpreted as rejecting or unloving.3,4 In accord with the realization that children’s behaviour affects that of their parents, researchers have found that, whereas parent attitudes affect child behaviour, this relation shifts as the child grows, with adolescent behaviour having an impact on parenting style and attitudes.5

The influence of attitudes on parenting behaviours has been a favourite topic of investigation, with research suggesting that linkages are generally of a modest nature.1 In part, this is because reported attitudes do not always have a direct impact on parenting actions which are often directed by specific features of the situation. For example, parents might endorse or value being warm and responsive to children, but have difficulty expressing those feelings when their child is misbehaving. As a result of this realization the study of parent cognitions has been widened to include more specific ways of thinking.

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An inconsistent manager equally represents an inconsistent company while the reverse is true for a consistent one.
In conclusion, every manager must possess the necessary attitudes and values to ensure success both at the individual as well as company level.

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This will also translate into the same attitude among other employees.
Values are necessary for a manager to perform effectively hence the need to possess the necessary qualities.

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A learning attitude thus allows for flexibility and innovation.
There is some degree of risk in each business and though no manager has the capacity to predict the future with any hint of certainty, they have to push forward and at times fail to attain their desired results.

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A small number of managers have the ability to possess an optimistic and wining attitude devoid of information maintained in a methodical analysis and recordkeeping system (Donna).

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The presence or absence of values and attitudes influences perception of people within the organization hence it is imperative that a manager equips himself with the relevant and appropriate values and attitudes in order to realize the pertinent gains.
As a manager, one has to live by example.

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In as much the mentioned above are important, a manager needs to embody various values and attitudes which will go a long way in defining him as a successful manager.