L48 Anthro 3201 Gender, Culture and Madness

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L48 Anthro 3628 The Anthropology of Health Disparities

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the central topics and methods of psychological anthropology. Psychological anthropology is concerned with the interplay of psychology and culture on both the individual and group levels. We look cross-culturally at such topics as child and adolescent development; religious experience; illness and healing; self and identity, gender and sexuality; reasoning and symbolism; and psychopathology. This class draws upon a range of sources, including ethnographies, psychoanalytic theory, contemporary critical theory and cross-cultural materials.

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L48 Anthro 4033 Culture, Illness and Healing in Asia

This course is the required second-semester sequence of the introduction to medical anthropology and cultural anthropology for students enrolled in the Medicine and Society Program. The course builds upon material introduced in Anthro 141 and provides greater ethnographic context for the cross-cultural study of health and illness. Topical areas include analyses of disease, illness and sickness at micro and macro levels; impact of personal and interpersonal factors on health; health effects of social, political and economic factors; relationship of anthropology to biological and social sciences approaches; ecology of health and development; and cross-cultural health studies of language, gender and race/ethnicity. course.

L48 Anthro 3541 Anthropological and Sociological Study of Muslim Societies

This course takes clothing as a starting point for examining broad themes in anthropology, including gender and sexuality, race and the body, history and colonialism. We look at the ritual significance of clothing and other practices of bodily adornment in traditional societies and the role of style in constituting contemporary social movements and identity categories. We investigate the globalization of the apparel industry, from production and circulation to marketing and branding, in order to understand the relationship between citizenship and consumption, labor and power in the global economy. The course encourages students to reflect on their relationship to the wider society and economy as producers and consumers of material culture through the lens of clothing and fashion.

L48 Anthro 4042 Islam Across Cultures

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This course introduces the cultural diversity and unity of the peoples of the Middle East. The emphasis is on historical and ethnological relationships, social and political structure, religious pluralism and contemporary youth issues. We explore the lived experiences of the peoples in the modern nation-states of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Iran. We access this material through short stories, poetry, biographies, essays, videos, blogs and political and anthropological reports.

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This course provides an introduction to emerging trends in Chinese culture and society. We explore processes of change and continuity in the People's Republic, examining the complexity of social issues and the dynamics of cultural unity and diversity. While we focus on the post-Mao reform era (1978 to the present), we consider how contemporary developments draw upon the legacies of the Maoist revolution as well as the pre-socialist past. The course provides an overview of anthropological approaches to the study of contemporary China, introducing students to key concepts, theories and frameworks integral to the analysis of Chinese culture and society. Readings, lectures and discussions highlight not only macro-level processes of social change and continuity but also the everyday experiences of individuals involved in these processes. We pay particular attention to issues of family life, institutional culture, migration, religion, ethnicity, gender, consumption and globalization.

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Anthropology majors may acquire professional experience outside the classroom by participating in a faculty-sponsored internship. Before work begins, the student and faculty sponsor must agree on a final written project, which is then approved by the Anthropology Academic Coordinator. Students are evaluated by the faculty sponsor on the basis of the written project and input from the internship supervisor. Course may be taken only one time. Prerequisites: 9 hours of anthropology and permission of department.

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This course focuses on the contemporary lives and political struggles of Indigenous Peoples in Latin America, with specific focus on Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Through course lectures, ethnographic texts, and four in-depth case studies, we explore how the politics of Indigeneity articulate with political and economic processes including (neo)colonialism, global capitalism, state transformation and social movement struggle. Themes include: demands for territory and autonomy; environmentalism and natural resource exploitation; gender and economic inequality; race, racism and political violence; language and education; and the complexities of building multicultural or "plurinational" democracies.