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Reliance on government grants as well as food parcels (from the Department of Social Development) was also frequently cited as a main means of survival for people living in both rural and urban areas. Old age pensions, Child Support Grants, Foster Care Grants and Disability Grants were listed as the types of grants people accessed .

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HIV/AIDS in South Africa and the United States: A Comparative Essay

Training for the study was in fact organised in two days and was regionally based. Training for the Limpopo and the Eastern Cape field team took place in Johannesburg. Training for the KwaZulu Natal field team instead was held in Durban. A Fieldwork Protocol or Manual was developed for training purposes and give to each fieldwork team as to instruct on how to undertake data collection. Fieldworkers were briefed on the background to the study and trained on the three research instruments above mentioned.

Definition of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and the United States

"If we know that so and so has no food, we will share our maize meal and spinach, and we as a community will take responsibility not to let anyone go to bed hungry"

Part 1: HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Defining Communities and area-selection

Generally speaking, rural roads are in a poor condition everywhere (the majority of roads are not tarred and are badly potholed) and public transport is limited (in some cases taxis have stopped operating because of the poor road conditions). In most rural communities, roads require considerable repair and maintenance and, in many cases, they are in such a poor state that emergency vehicles, waste removal services and taxis cannot access these areas.

Provincial Indicators of development

Roads are an important issue for most communities in rural areas, while in urban areas the decaying service infrastructure is a cause for concern.

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As expected, it has been noted that urban communities have access to better and more basic services than rural areas, and formal settlements have access to most basic services, whilst informal settlements do not.

Part 3: Governmental and Social Responses to HIV/AIDS

Households in formal areas generally had access to flush toilets while those in rural areas and informal settlements still commonly used the bucket system or pit latrines. The lack of proper sanitation facilities was cited as the reason why many people suffered from diarrhoea caused by river water contamination, in some parts of Winterveld for example.

Table 1: Employment by Province

The quality of schooling was also a general concern. A number of communities noted that schools in their communities are understaffed or staffed with uncommitted and unqualified teachers.

Becoming HIV/AIDS positive is no different.

Other problems mentioned with respect to schooling were the following. School fees are generally thought to be burdensome, and in some instances are perceived as discriminatory. However, there are exceptions - respondents in Limpopo were generally happy with the level of school fees.