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Your weight, height, hair color, eye color, location (address), and date of birth.
Nationality Defined; And Its Legal Status Implications Nationality is that quality which arises from the fact of a person's belonging to a nation or state. Nationality determines the political status of the individual, especially with reference to allegiance; while domicile determines one's civil status. Nationality arises either by birth or by naturalization.

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It is part of the lawful Moorish Nationalization Bureau (not Naturalization, because you are a Natural Person or Being = Indigenous, based on Natural Law and Universal Principles).

MHTS Nationality Card - $35.00 "Prophet Noble Drew Ali said "Your Nationality Card is going to change on you in your pocket." The Nationality Card is made of hard stock plastic with lamination and with security features.

In other words, the forms are NOT just kept in the Moorish Holy Temple of Science of the World filing system. The appropiate affidavits and / or notices recorded at the Register of Deeds or Civil Filing Section of the Clerk of Superior Court and / or placed in the MOORISH GUIDE POST etc... and if needs to be notices are sent to the 'color' authorities.

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This is from your true and Divine Prophet unto all American and foreign sympathizers.

PROPHET NOBLE DREW ALI, The Moorish Guide Feb-15-1929


I am hereby calling on all true citizens that stand for a National Free Government, and the enforcement of the constitution to help me in my great mis-sionarv work because I need all support from all true American citizens of the United States of America.

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That's why I am calling on all true national citizens to help me morally and financially in my great work I am looking to help this national divine title of the government in which we live.

What is a second conditional ? Please tell something more about it.

I know all true American citizens are identified by national descent names to answer and apply to the free national constitution of this free National Republic of the United States of America.

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for I have suffered and severely in the past through misunderstandings of what the movement was dedicated to.

It is the Great God Allah, alone that guides the destiny of this Divine and National Movement.

You need to contact your local test center and ask them.

The (MHTS) Moorish Holy Temple of Science (civic organization) / (MSTA) Moorish Science of America (religious organization) called the (MNDM) Moorish National Divine Movement of North America (Moorish National and Divine Movement / Moorish Divine and National Movement) is a NOT for Profit, Theocratic Constitutional Monarchy, a separate body-politic, a lawful incorporate political unit (nation or organized state or society by nature) having such a form of (De Jure) Government it is to the (MNDM) Moorish National and Divine Movement that we pledge our Allegiance while obeying the laws, Articles of Association (1774), Declaration of Independence (1776), Articles of Confederation (1781), Barbary Treaties (1786-1816), Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Morocco and united States, Constitution for united States 'Republic' of (North) America (1787-1791), Treaty of Camp Holmes (1835) and etc...


Our Divine and national Movement stands for the specific grand principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justcie, and I, The Prophet, am applying to all loyal, faithful Moors, members, and the American citizens to help me in my great uplifting acts of uplifting fallen humanity among the Asiatic race and nation.