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I. Studies in the History of the Renaissance

Identification - Definition of the Two-Handed Great Sword

Various failed expectations notwithstanding, the achievements of the Harlem Renaissance remain highly significant and figure prominently in subsequent developments. Most important, perhaps, it is possible to highlight ways in which artists, intellectuals, and socially conscious individuals used their newfound authority to mark a shift in a highly diversified field of artistic expression. The best example may be in literature, where both African-American and Caribbean-born transplants exhibited extraordinary talent. Novels published after 1910 show their authors drawing on three distinct traditions, including British Romanticism, American experimentalism, and black folk (vernacular) culture.

Figure 1: Photograph of Walter Pater

Shoaf - Anniina Jokinen [, ] - Fred Griffiths - David V.

It is in alphabetical order for easeof reference, with many cross-references, and offers sensiblesolutions to the many conflicting styles used for expression byeditors and authors working in medieval studies.

Johnson [.pdf] - David Manselle - Kaye Anfield - W.

An Althusserian Reading On Thomas Nashe’s - Doohyun Park

Dissertation: - Glenn Baker
Dissertation: - Andrea Russell
Dissertation: - Craig D.

Mattison [.rtf] - Travis Krick - Richard Bramante - Mark Lawrence - Emily C.

Newman - Greg Walker - Kathleen Tonry

John Carmi Parsons discusses the legend and realityof Eleanor, demonstrating how the legend takes its roots froma Victorian book, Agnes Strickland's Lives of the Queens of England.

Scherb - Alastair Bennett - Tai-Won Kim - A.

Lindley which aim to set the recent debates on the purelydemographic impact of the plague into a wider context by evaluatingits effects on the broad range of human experience in the latermiddle ages.

Noah and Didactic Abuses - Jane Tolmie [.pdf]

Edward I's state-buildingprogramme; Matthew Paris's creation of a devilish image for theMongols; Queen Eleanor's role in promoting the `Spanish style'of art and architecture; the development of heraldry as decoration; the emergence of Gothic bar tracery; the texts and images of Marian devotion and philosophical ideasderived from the new discovery of magnification are just someof the subjects discussed in this volume.

Locke, Alain. The New Negro: An Interpretation. New York: Boni, 1925.

The proceedings of the 1995 Colchester conference, the first devotedto the problems of raising state finance considered in a broadcomparative perspective, and covering not only many diverse areasof Europe but also the time-span 1130-1830, is to be publishedby Paul Watkins in the course of 1996.

Berdan - Anna Torti - Victor I.

The publication restores to public view a scarce andneglected text which is important for Alfred, for Caroline hagiographyand for the study of early antiquarianism and historiography.

Scherb - Simon Brittan - Jim Nielson - David R.

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