Expensive houses are common in somesuburbs.

On good days, when there are breezes, themountains are clearly visible from many parts of the city.

The land on which it had been built hadbeen farmed till recently.

Preparation of space tourism was conducted in Star City, a city of Shchyolkovo, near Moscow, and also in small airplanes, in which weightlessness was created.

The city is 2,000 years old and is hometo the Newars -- the original inhabitants of the valley.

They had a rotary cultivator to help withfarm work.

Each day a dish will be prepared,typically with husked rice, plus incense, vermillion powder, wicks soakedin oil, red sandalwood juice, flowers, and perhaps grains of barley.

Others pose for photographs -- like thissuspiciously well-dressed  in Durbar Square.

But, as in India, they formed patties fromtheir cow dung and dried them in the sun for use as fuel in cooking stoves-- in the absence of much firewood.

And there are even snake-charmers, likethis woman at the entrance to the temple at Swayambhunath.

His eldest son was then in the UnitedStates studying engineering.

The city is expanding rapidly, and the manycars, trucks and buses which service this much larger area are major contributorsto the Kathmandu’s atmospheric pollution.

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Among the immense range of market stalls,located in squares or on roadsides throughout the city, fresh fruitand vegetables are widely available -- though formerly productive farmlandsare being lost to urban development.

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While ringing the bell they recite a holy .

To tell a lie in front of Bhairabis said to bring instant death, and the statue was once used in trialsby ordeal -- to check if someone was telling the truth!


Until the explosion in vehicle numbers thegreater bulk of air pollution was industrial in origin, most of it froma factory producing cement for the building industry.


Among the companies implemented the most significant space and orbital tourism projects are Bigelow Aerospace projects are incarnate, SpaceX, Excalibur Almaz, and Orbital Sciences.

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Besides the Russian Federal Space Agency and Space Adventures Company, the British company Excalibur Almaz has held a presentation at the British Royal Aeronautical society in June 2012, and announced that in 2015, it plans to start of tourist space flights with flight on the Moon orbit.