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The Self-Regulated Strategy Model has been used to teach a variety of planning and revising strategies to children with LD (see Harris & Graham, 1999). These include brainstorming, semantic webbing, generating and organizing writing content using text structure (e.g., story grammar), reading to locate information, goal setting, revising using peer feedback, and revising for both mechanics and substance. Instruction in these strategies has led to improvements in 4 aspects of students' performance: quality of writing, knowledge of writing, approach to writing, and self-efficacy (Graham et al., 199 1 b). For readers interested in a more detailed presentation of these strategies or the Self-Regulated Strategy Development Model, see Harris and Graham (1996).

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Berninger, V., Vaughn, K., Abbott, R., Abbott, S., Rogan, L. Brooks, A., Reed, E., & Graham, S. (1997). Treatment of handwriting problems in beginning writers: Transfer from handwriting to composition. 652-666.

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By: Steven Graham, Karen R. Harris, and Lynn Larsen

Study outcomes suggest that mindful meditation decreases anxiety and detrimental self-focus, which, in turn, promotes social skills and academic success for students with learning disabilities.

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Learn some best practices in helping children with language processing issues learn to read in this Q&A with expert Nanci Bell, director of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. Find out what works with children who have weaknesses in concept imagery or symbol imagery.

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Class lessons that engage students’ visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic learning modes contribute to effective learning. But what about homework?

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John Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) supports the idea that students can learn only if their mental capacity is not overloaded. In consideration of this theory, it is important to be aware of the amount of information a student is asked to learn.

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Students' emotional responses to challenging situations can influence their concentration, perseverance, application of learned skills, and interactions with others. Even with safe and supportive classroom environments, students often have difficulty because they lack the communication skills to address challenging situations.

Note. Adapted from Graham (1999).

The goal of a sustained, school-wide technology implementation program is to meet the needs of all students. It takes a School Leadership Team to meet this goal.

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This paper presents six principles designed to prevent writing difficulties as well as to build writing skills: (a) providing effective writing instruction, (b) tailoring instruction to meet the individual needs,(c) intervening early, (d) expecting that each child will learn to write, (e) identifying and addressing roadblocks to writing, and (f) employing technologies.