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Stimulating ideas for IB Physics Practical pdfHere are 300 suggestions to get you started on your Physics EEI For an have to extend the experiment: does the law have limitations, does it work at allPhysics - CBEExamples of this could include the unknown forces of pyramids, physics and God s exisThe following examples of titles for physics extended essays are intendedTop 100 Extended Essay Topics - SlideShareMar 2016 Philosophy of Physics and its History! Check a full list of physics extended essay ideas >>>! Math Extended Essay Ideas 71 Spirograph:Extended Essays In Physics - SPHS Devil IBO Physics Extended Essay Guidance File Size: 14020 Miscellaneous EE Topic Suggestions File Size Physics Exenteded Essay Sample A (19 of 36) pdf

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Top 100 Extended Essay Topics - SlideShareMar 2016 Philosophy of Physics and its History! Check a full list of physics extended essay ideas >>>! Math Extended Essay Ideas 71 Spirograph:What are some suggestions for a good ib physics Thanks for the A2A The IB physics extended essay is really awesome Honestly, you can write about anything that you want My main piece ofSample Extended Essay Questions - SlideShareFeb 2013 This slideshow consists of Sample Extended Essay Questions Physics: “Do wine bottles of different shapes behave as Helmholtz resonators? and what does it reveal about existing cultural ideas of the body and health?

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Absolute reliance on textbooks and the Internet is discouraged and no extended essay in physics should be based exclusively on such sources. Textbooks should be consulted only insofar as they may stimulate original ideas, provide models of disciplined, structured and informed approaches, and encourage direct and personal involvement with the essay topic. If students make use of Internet-based sources, they should do so critically and circumspectly in full awareness of their potential unreliability. There are ways to verify the credibility of sources and a librarian could advise about this.

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If a computer simulation of a theoretical model is used, the algorithms developed or employed should be thoroughly analysed and simulation outcomes compared with reality to check their validity. For essays involving a theoretical model (computer simulation) describing a physical phenomenon, the planning should include the initial postulates, the key steps in the running of the model and the simulation outcomes gathered. Charts or code fragments may be used in the body of the essay to illustrate how the model was translated into software, but the programs themselves should be placed in the appendix. Each line of code of a program fragment included in the body of the essay should count as two words towards the word limit. The focus of any extended essay that uses a computer to build and exercise models, or to analyze data, must be on the discipline of physics, not the software.

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A purely empirical investigation relating two or three variables in the absence of any theoretical foundation is not satisfactory—for example, an investigation involving only a mathematical analysis of the gathered data relating the index of refraction of an Epsom salt solution to the salt concentration. In such an essay, the student would be expected to investigate the theoretical physics relating the index of refraction to the concentration.

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Essays in theoretical physics should cover material extended from the Diploma Programme physics course covered in the classroom—for example, "The application of Huygens' principle to a single slit using the iterative method", or material from outside the course—for example, "The impact of solar light pressure on an orbiting satellite".

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Any experimental work that forms part of a physics extended essay should be adequately described to allow the workto be repeated by others, who should achieve similar outcomes and conclusions. Particular care should be taken with data obtained through secondary sources. For data-based essays, the location and reliability of the sources needed should be considered at the start of the planning stage. Students must scrutinize such data and the experimental design with the same care that they would apply to data that they have collected themselves. A careful scrutiny of research procedures could reveal serious flaws in experimental design or in data collection that invalidate the results in whole or in part, or at least limit the interpretation.