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The term anamorphosis, from the greek ana (again) and morphe (shape), designates a variety of perspective experiments that can be traced back to the artistic developments of the 1500's and 1600's. Anamorphic devices challenge viewers to experience different forms of perceptual oscillation and uncertainty. Images shift in front of the eyes of puzzled spectators as they move from the center of the representation to the margins, or from one side to the other. (A) Wry Views demonstrates that much of the literature of the Spanish Golden Age is susceptible, and indeed requires, oblique readings (as in anamorphosis).

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As well as exploring the ways in which Byatt has successfully negotiated a path between twentieth-century realism and postmodern experiment, Campbell employs a critical perspective appropriate to the author’s individualistic feminist stance, stressing the breadth of Byatt’s intellectual concerns and her insistence on placing her female characters in a living, changing context of ideas and experience, especially in their search for creative voice.

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O tempo passa voando, e 2 anos é amanhã, e 5 anos parece muito, mas é apenas o tempo que um jovem fica cursando na faculdade. Quando o jovem estiver formado, pode ser que o conhecimento adquirido – e pago – não sirva para muita coisa.

"," coverage by University of Arizona, November 27, 2017, mentioning Professor Sheila Foster.

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Sheila R. Foster is aProfessor of Law and Public Policy (joint appointment with the McCourt School).Prior to joining Georgetown, she was a University Professor and...

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Comparative Equality and Antidiscrimination Law: Cases, Codes, Constitutionsand Commentary (with David Oppenheimer, UC Berkeley and Sora Han, UC Irvine)(Foundation Press, 2012)