Boys are more intelligent than girls are in the outside world

Intelligence is more important than strength, but girls are only more intelligent for part of life.

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Thank you for printing this as I am a true believer. I learned this technique with girls – and boys – about how “who” they are is way more important than what they look like. I took it a step farther when my daughter started dressing herself at four years old that I allowed her to pick outfits to her desire as long as it was weather appropriate (not too many layers for a hot day/thin frilly dress for a winters day). She could add as many things as she could – and I had to laugh at the reactions from other parents when my daughter at 5 and 6 showed up in a plaid skirt, striped top, polka-dotted leggings, a red/white/blue crocheted shawl and red rubber boots. Never has this person I raised had an issue with how she looks in clothing. Now – at 17 she looks almost like every other teen but she always has something that is her own, from a crazy scarf to a wild pair of earrings. Whenever I see little ones who obviously dress themselves I congratulate the parent for letting them!

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Here we have a rather mixed album containing moments that are a throwback in terms of subject matter to The Beach Boys earlier material and a few other numbers that continue to point the way towards 'Pet Sounds' and 'Good Vibrations'. Opening the set is 'Amusement Parks U.S.A.' which production detail aside, echoes 'Country Fair' from way back when in terms of concept, if not melodically. 'The Girl From New York City' sounds great, but it's very short and doesn't amount to a whole great deal. 'Then I Kissed Her' performed by Al is a Phil Spector cover - great little percussive effects sprinkled over this but it's not an all time Beach Boys moment. At this point you are wondering if you should bother at all listening to the rest of the album. Thankfully, it gets better. 'Salt Lake City' is dubious lyrically but musically is simply a brilliant Rock n Roll song. The production is out of this world, a huge wall of noise in the middle section managing to outshine a Spector. 'Girl Don't Tell Me', Carl's first ever vocal on a Beach Boys record unbelievably, is structured in a similar way to The Beatles 'Ticket To Ride'. It may not be original, but it's a very good song still and Carl certainly doesn't let himself down with his first ever lead. Another British sounding song is 'You're So Good To Me', a straight 4-4 beat which was unusual for a Beach Boys record of the time. What makes it for me is the 'la la la' vocal parts, so uplifting and happy sounding! 'California Girls' may annoy some people for it's lyrical content but musically it's simply stupendous, pure gold. The orchestral introduction really is beautiful. 'Help Me Rhonda' is immeasurably improved over it's 'Today' version, this is the performance that went to number one - shorter, louder, catchier, and harder hitting. Great 'bow bow bow' vocals! As a song, it goes round and round, that's all it does. The production and vocals make it what it is, unbelievable production and vocals. Brian was growing and growing in the studio. 'Let Him Run Wild' is further evidence of this growth. It sounds very 'Pet Sounds' to me which is a good thing, obviously! Brian's falsetto part is unbelievably high.

The record closes in disappointing fashion unfortunately preventing this collection from reaching the heights of the 'Today' album. 'Summer Means New Love' is a semi-interesting instrumental, little more. It does show signs of Brian's continuing studio experimentation, but ultimately isn't substantial enough. 'And Your Dreams Come True' is a vocal workout, with 'I'm Bugged At My Ol Man' being embarrassing listening with lyrics far too close to Brian's home life. Brian's relationship with his father Murry is 'explained' by the lyrics but i'm not sure we should really be hearing this. Can't even begin to imagine what Murry thought of it all! Still, 'Summer Days And Summer Nights' despite its unfortunate title, is certainly a good album overall. The middle section of the record is simply so very good, it drags the rest up a notch or two. Another quality Beach Boys album and another hit record!

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I don’t think school is designed mostly for girls than boys. I think that teachers treat both girls and boys fairly. Girls are getting smarter because they are learning more by doing the right thing.

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