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In Vietnam, correspondents couldgo anywhere - just hop on a helicopter and report on the war.

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'It follows that America's primary interest is to help ensure that no single[other] power comes to control the geopolitical space and that the globalcommunity has unhindered financial and economic access to it.'Brzezinski is quite aware that American leaders are wonderfully ignorantof history and geography so he really lays it on, stopping just short ofinvoking politically incorrect 'manifest destiny'.

the supreme court, habeas corpus, and the war on terror: an essay on law and political science.

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(b) In May ‘96, in the aftermath of the Drayton Peace Accord, MPRI wasawarded a 3-year contract (subsequently renewed) to ‘train &equip’ the Bosnian Muslim/Croat army - again under the command of GeneralGriffith.

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the chilling quality of this privatewarning was that it came - according to one of those present, the Pakistanidiplomat Niaz Naik - accompanied by specific details of how Bush would succeed...' Four days earlier, the Guardian had reported that 'Osama bin Laden andthe Taliban received threats of possible American military action againstthem two months before the terrorist assaults on New York and Washington...

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By Dorian Zumel-Sicat, Correspondent and Jeannette Andrade, ReporterThursday, May 30, 2002 - A TIMES EXCLUSIVEPhilippine and US investigators chasing the case of Michael Meiring, theAmerican who sustained critical injuries from a mysterious explosion in hisDavao hotel suite, have to dig through a wide circle of acquaintances —ran-ging from South African anti-apartheid warriors to American whitesupremacists.

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(Posted 1/2/10) In "Ecological Intervention: Prospects and Limits," Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 21.3, Fall 2007, Robyn Eckersley "seeks to extend the already controversial debate about humanitarian intervention by exploring the morality, legality, and legitimacy of ecological intervention and its corollary, ecological defense." (Posted 6/9/10)In "The Failure to Protect, Again: A Comparative Study of International and Regional Reactions Towards Humanitarian Disasters in Rwanda and Darfur," Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011, Hagar Taha argues that "Darfur has proved that almost a decade from Rwanda, the practice of humanitarian intervention is still a failure and instead of being carried out in the name of humanitarianism, it abuses the concept for its own end." (Posted 7/8/11) In "Sudan: As South Split Looms, Abuses Grow in Darfur," Human Rights Watch, Press Release, June 6, 2011, HRW reports that "Government forces continue to violate the laws of war in their military operations against rebel forces with utter impunity." The article further suggests that "clear patterns of abuses, often based on ethnicity, have accompanied the renewed fighting." (Posted 7/8/11)In "The Responsibility to Protect and Peacemaking," e-IR, August 4, 2011, Abiodun Williams offers an concise overview of the emergence of the "responsibility to protect" (R2P), the principle's present role in peacekeeping, and the central challenges that it faces.

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Farrell looks at "the positions of the Bush and Obama Administrations on access to habeas corpus, and traces the case law of the federal courts in determining the reach of habeas corpus under American law." (Posted 7/8/11)In "Indefinite Detention Under the Laws of War,"Fordham Law Legal Studies Research Number 1729221, authors Chris Jenks and Eric T.