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This Buzzle article talks about the ethical issues of Internet privacy

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It would be ethical on their part to notify the users of the breach as soon as they know of it.

✦ The other important ethical issue in Internet privacy is whether the websites that gather personally identifiable information from the users should store or share it.

It will show the privacy issues that are raised by the FBI's attempt to create an Internet wiretap system.

Slaves of the Internet, Unite! - The New York Times

Internet still uses old concepts and that freedom of thinking and its ingenuity pays back as usual in bad ways; instead of dynamic ips, use fix ones, make it linked to a precise person or company, like a phone number; make it all secure - meaning that only certain ip addresses can go into certain sites; i know that everyone will start yelling about privacy; there is no privacy even now so calm down; all security issues are coming mainly from the fact that potentially any user can do anything; well, if you need to use a site, certify your identity, that's all. Than, it's up top the software to see which one did what. End of worries.

This raises issues in research ethics pertaining to the privacy of research subjects and informed consent of those involved.

✦ Spreading the wrong information or saying something under a false name is like taking undue advantage of privacy protection on the Internet.