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Two really great things happened. One, the kids had lots to say so their writing had voice and passion. Two, their teacher listened. The kids had some major groaning to do about homework. So Dannie stopped to think about the amount and type of homework he was assigning. Then he had a serious sit-down with his students. And guess what? They loved feeling heard. They felt understood. And they were able to make changes in the classroom. Isn’t that what writing is all about? Making your voice heard in the world?

Mensa does not hold any opinion, or have or express any political or religious views.

A classic format for compositions is the five-paragraph essay

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It is even “lacking time” that causes much of the stress that leads tothe illnesses we mentioned.

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I’m guessing a 9 also, and think it might have been an 11 had you argued the opposite and shown how undisciplined Frank Lloyd Wright (heh) was instead of just telling us.

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If you thought grading SAT essays was easy, in part 3 of our report on the October 1, 2011 SAT, (part 1 is and part 2 ) we’re asking you to grade an actual essay submitted on the October 1, 2011 SAT. This essay was written by me and was mostly done to test a theory and have some fun..

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I’m an SAT coach and former Essay reader. You should never get a high score for arguing the opposite side of the argument…that is considered off topic. It’s okay on the ACT essay, but not on the SAT.

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This kind of activity helps build background knowledge for ELLs, helps students who are new to the work, and makes for an interesting way to read as writers. (For more information on writing personal essays check out my website. Click the ‘Tools’ button and look for .)

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I did this lesson yesterday in a third grade, but guess what? Some kids weren’t noticing! That’s okay. I was prepared. I knew that in this group, some kids might struggle. Maybe they hadn’t done this kind of exploration before. Or maybe they didn’t have the language to articulate their noticings. I did some of the noticing for them, ahead of time and gave them cut up sticky notes to then name the parts/features of a personal essay. Then it became a treasure hunt–they had to look for features that were already named.

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The readers grade writing not content so no matter what position you take you can get a good score if its well written. Akil (sorry boss) would have gotten a better score if he held a bit better to his point and developed his argument better. There have been published essays where the author advocated atrocities like the Holocaust and still got above a 10. Its writing primarily that governs the score, all other things are secondary. Test-takers should keep that in mind and not get so caught up in trying to follow someone elses list of dos and donts.