The way that was followed by the celestials may be followed by all.

If, however, he fights unfairly, he will surely be able to kill Duryodhana.

We have been crowned with success...", translated by Chakravarthi V.

Kant’s account of the content of moral requirements and thenature of moral reasoning is based on his analysis of the unique forcemoral considerations have as reasons to act. The force of moralrequirements as reasons is that we cannot ignore them no matter howcircumstances might conspire against any other consideration. Basicmoral requirements retain their reason-giving force under anycircumstance, they have universal validity. So, whatever else may besaid of basic moral requirements, their content is universal. Only auniversal law could be the content of a requirement that has thereason-giving force of morality. This brings Kant to a preliminaryformulation of the CI: “I ought never to act except in such away that I could also will that my maxim should become a universallaw” (G 4:402). This is the principle which motivates a goodwill, and which Kant holds to be the fundamental principle of all ofmorality.

Let him, by deception, kill the Kuru king who is the master of deception!

But a great deal more needs to be said.

Kant defines virtue as “the moral strength of a humanbeing’s will in fulfilling his duty” (MM 6:405) andvice as principled immorality (MM 6:390). This definition appears toput Kant’s views on virtue at odds with classical views such asAristotle’s in several important respects.

When one is outnumbered by his enemies, then destruction should be brought about by stratagem.

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The gods themselves, in killing the asuras, have followed the same methods.

Walker translation, Penguin Books, p.

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However, he was no disciple of Machiavelli just .

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He did not admire tyranny; he did not admire, but despised, Caesar.

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I'm neither proud of it nor ashamed; it's the means we have.

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Has not this violated the Professor's principles?

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