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How Passion For Your Job Can Lead To Success

Why is Passion So Important to One’s Success? | LinkedIn

In my opinion, becoming a successful person need not to be blessed with natural skills however, passion, continuous endeavor and great effort are the guaranteed ways of reaching the high levels of success.

Why is Passion So Important to One’s Success

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Moreover, I learned the importance of the team play. As baseball was so much of my passion, I always initiated spontaneous games with my peers; it is during those game that I found out that even the best player ever cannot do anything all by his/her own. I learned that team work was the key to success; it contributed a lot to my personal growth, as team work is a thing needed everywhere, from school presentations to the real life job experiences.

What you've overcome to succeed helps prove your passion

Remember that everyone who succeeds in life typically gets off to a bad start initially. They pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they "arrive" at "success." They literally SUFFER for not having achieved their passion.

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Essay on How to Achieve Success in Life

"Passion" from the Latin Passus literally means, "to suffer." This all-consuming desire to be and to do is vitally important to success, for it is the source from which the successful person must draw his or her inspiration.

you need passion in order to succeed.

The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the very moment of crisis, when they must choose to follow their passion or surrender to mediocrity.