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In its focus on gender however, Feminism is said to wrongly ignore the issues of class and race

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As mentioned above, there is considerable debate within feminismconcerning the normative question: what would count as (full) justicefor women? What is the nature of the wrong that feminism seeks toaddress? E.g., is the wrong that women have been deprived equalrights? Is it that women have been denied equal respect for theirdifferences? Is it that women's experiences have been ignored anddevalued? Is it all of the above and more? What framework should weemploy to identify and address the issues? (See, e.g., Jaggar 1983;Young 1990a; Tuana and Tong 1995.) Feminist philosophers in particularhave asked: Do the standard philosophical accounts of justice andmorality provide us adequate resources to theorize male domination, ordo we need distinctively feminist accounts? (E.g., Okin 1979; Hoagland1989; Okin 1989; Ruddick 1989; Benhabib 1992; Hampton 1993; Held 1993;Tong 1993; Baier 1994; Moody-Adams 1997; Walker 1998; Kittay 1999;Robinson 1999; Young 2011; O'Connor 2008).

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Their approach is single-issue and aimed at swaying politicians and donors.

--Radical feminists target male psychology or biology as the source of women's oppression.

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More recent work in socio-legal studies also has begun to question thelimits of intersectional analysis (Grabham et al. 2009). Itacknowledges the importance of intersectionality, a term coined by lawprofessor Kimberlé Crenshaw (1989) to shed light on epistemicinjustice done to Black women in anti-discrimination law. Yet, despiteits merit for overcoming the dual system’s theoretical impasse,Joanna Conaghan also critiques the essentializing tendencies ofintersectional analysis which succeeds mainly dealing with race andgender oppression at an individual level, but it has little to offerto remedy structural injustice. Furthermore, because such method isidentity-focused it will not get at the dimension of class which hasbeen traditionally thought in relational not locational terms (2008,29–30).

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According to a taken in early July 2013, 78% of African Americans believed that the case raised important issues about race that needed to be discussed, as opposed to 28% of white Americans. Additionally, nearly 6 in 10 African Americans reported following the trial “very closely” compared with only 34% of whites, with 63% of blacks claiming that the trial was a focus of conversation when talking with friends compared to 42% of whites. Given the racial divide in both the attention to the trial and the assessment of the key issues at play, it is little surprise that upon the verdict of acquittal, 86% of African Americans declared themselves “unsatisfied,” compared with 30% of whites.

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Archetypes, according to Jung, are "primordial images"; the "psychic residue" of repeated types of experience in the lives of very ancient ancestors which are inherited in the "collective unconscious" of the human race and are expressed in myths, religion, dreams, and private fantasies, as well as in the works of literature (Abrams, p.

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A good place to situate the start of theoretical debates about women,class and work is in the intersection with Marxism and feminism. Suchdebates were shaped not only by academic inquiries but as questionsabout the relation between women’s oppression and liberation andthe class politics of the left, trade union and feminist movements inthe late 19th and 20th centuries, particularlyin the U.S., Britain and Europe. It will also be necessary to considervarious philosophical approaches to the concept of work, the way thatwomen’s work and household activities are subsumed or not underthis category, how the specific features of this work may or may notconnect to different “ways of knowing” and differentapproaches to ethics, and the debate between essentialist and socialconstructionist approaches to differences between the sexes as a basefor the sexual division of labor in most known human societies.

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Considerable research in the past 30 years has been devoted to womenand work in the context of shifting divisions of labor globally(Ehrenreich and Hochschild 2004). Some of this feminist work proceedsfrom the development perspectives promoted by the UN and other policymaking institutions (Chen et al 2005), while other research takes amore critical view (Beneria 2003; Pyle and Ward 2007). Many studiesaddress changes in the gender division of labor within specificnational economies (Freeman 1999; George 2005; Rofel; Sangster 1995)while others consider the impact of transnational migration onwomen’s class position (Pratt 2004; Romero 1992; Stephen 2007;Keogh 2015) and women’s opportunities for cross-class solidarityand grassroots-based organizing (Mohanty 2003). More recent feministresearch has addressed the restructuring of work and its impact onwomen and gender culture as an effect of neo-liberal economicadjustments (Adkins 2002; Enloe 2004; Federici 2008; McRobbie 2002;Skeggs 2003).