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 In order to write an effective cause and effect essay, ask yourself the following questions:

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A cause and effect essay is connected with why certain things happen (the causes), and what things happen consequently (the effects). Cause and effect essays are commonly used as a method of discussing and organizing ideas. Usually, they are taught in introductory college or high school writing courses.

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A cause and effect essay does not always discuss both causes and effects. So, make sure you state clearly what will be discussed in the essay. Your thesis statement should be your main idea. State it by using “causes and/or effects”.

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This essay address the task completely. Both causes and solutions are given and developed with relevant ideas. Linking is used not only effectively but also flexibly. Paragraphing is also used effectively to help the reader. There is a range of sentence structures and also tenses used. Vocabulary is also flexible with a good range of less common words. Essay Length: 290 words

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