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Islam As A Religion Of Peace Essay Sample - A Summary

Islam as a religion of peace essay sample

We express our solidarity on this noble endeavor for the cause of peace in the global society. At present the entire globe is divided in two way one is Power and the other is religion. All the conflicts arosed till date for either of the two. I feel Interfaith harmony week can reduce tension of conflict. We believe on God and trust on God,God love peace and His creations.

Islam as a religion of peace essay sample

On behalf of Religions for Peace and with appreciation, I remain

I agree with the concept. Since it is Interfaith event, we should mobilize the Rabbis, Imams, Pandits and Pastors to give khutbas/sermons on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday on the subject emphasizing that we make up 3/4th of the world population, that for future of our children we need to look at commonalities rather than differences. It will be even better if all of participating religious leaders read same message in addition to their sermons. The Week should culminate with followers of all faiths, or no faith at all, get together at a central location at sunset and light the candles.

(1) Reaffirms that mutual understanding and interreligious dialogue constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace;

(3) Permanently and regularly encouraging the silent majority of preachers to declare themselves for peace and harmony and providing a ready-made vehicle for them to do so. Moreover, if preachers and teachers commit themselves on the record once a year to peace and harmony, this means that when the next inter-religious crisis or provocation occurs, they cannot then relapse into parochial fear and mistrust, and will be more likely to resist the winds of popular demagoguery.’

Nicholas J. CrocePeace and Justice Studies / Religious Studies (Interfaith Studies)Nazareth CollegeRochester, New York

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For more than 30 years we are involved in inter-religious/inter-cultural efforts with children, youth and adults.
Re the strong impact of migrant workers from Turkey in our context the Ruhr-area in Germany our main thrust involves Christian-Muslim cooperative practice. Re German history since 2001 we have each year the Abraham-Festival Marl which is the oldest and ongoing trialogical project in Germany.
I am also involved on the Board of the Zentralinstitut-Islam-Archive-Deutschland Amina Abdullah Foundation (Soest,Germany)on behalf of the Protestant Church (=”Evangelische Kirche von Westfalen”)and support any move and movement for respect, trust and cooperation among people of different religions and living faiths. We share faith in God and responsibility for peace and justice and ecological awareness of Earth. Yours Hartmut Dreier

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Faith is the fountainhead of human race. barring exception of the onslaught of atheistic waves around the world, the human race has felt sustained need of faith to survive with peace. As a matter of fact, the Truth is One. the interfaith dialogue shall provide an opportunity to unite the whole mankind with the unity in faith of God by knowing the prevalent ideologies about God among different religions. the book written by Mr. Vidyarthi includes 155 names of God addressed by different nations of the world. the features incorporated in those names shows a kind of unity in faith in God and celebration of interfaith week has provided a common platform for interaction.

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One would have to conclude that peace, reconciliation and dialogue are an expression of faith. Peace-building and reconciliation are values we all have to commit ourselves to and encourage because reality demands them and because our religious traditions require them.

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The world in 21st Century is full of conflicts and tensions, often created by a few selfish and self centred leaderships from political as well as religious leaderships. The humanity is almost fed up with propagandas and counter propagandas. Freedom of expression, freedom of practicing religion or no religion is attacked under one or other pretext, anonymity among the different faith groups and countries are created for selfish motives. Conflicts are promoted and sustained for vested interests. Enough is enough. Let us unite to give ’peace’ a chance. This initiative at an International level loudly announces the wishes of Millions from across the board to engage in achieving peace and harmony. We proudly associate ourselves as partners to this initiative.