Essays on the Late Writings of Robert Duncan

Robert Duncan: Collected Essays and Other Prose Robert Duncan, James Maynard

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An Opening of the Field: Jess, Robert Duncan, and Their Circle will travel to the Katzen Arts Center at American University and the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

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Collected Essays and Other Prose by Robert Duncan

Gifford, Douglas, Sarah Dunnigan, and Alan MacGillivray. “Robert Louis Stevenson: The Merry Men, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and The Master of Ballantrae.” In Scottish Literature. By Douglas Gifford, Sarah Dunnigan, and Alan MacGillivray, 402–434. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2002.

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Duncan encourages his readers to see this activity of writing and reading that proves central to his creative life as likewise central to their own, and welcome into their reading and writing lives this figure of Poetry. Again and again, Duncan promulgates the practice. He's relentlessly sounding the depths of his experience of it, probing its workings and sharing his discoveries where he finds them. As he does in his "Afterword" for Beverly Dahlen's The Egyptian Poems:

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This collection of essays, written for this volume and often using unpublished and archival materials, converges around the usually close and intense relationship between Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov, two of the most important and remarkable American poets in the second half of the twentieth century. Their association, played out in their poems and in an extraordinary exchange of letters, was based on a sense of the visionary imagination informing the direction and shape of the poet. However, they had a falling out during the Vietnam crisis over the relationship between poetry and politics, between the private and public responsibilities of the poet.

Robert Duncan: Collected Essays and Other Prose: …

With publication of Robert Duncan's and , the heyday of Duncan publication has reached its zenith. Finally everything Duncan published is readily available to readers, or rather nearly everything. There are still a few dozen uncollected pieces of prose listed in an appendix in back of Collected Essays that await publication in a future volume, perhaps alongside transcriptions of lectures and/or interviews likewise left out of the recent, ever-terrific .


New York City (October 23, 2013)—Artist Jess (1923–2004) and poet Robert Duncan (1919–1988) number among the most fascinating artistic couples of the twentieth century. After meeting in San Francisco in 1950, they created a domestic life together based on mutual intellectual and aesthetic interests that resulted in an array of fascinating artworks and writings. From January 14 to March 29, 2014, New York University’s Grey Art Gallery presents the first overview to showcase their rich artistic production alongside works by their remarkable circle of friends. An Opening of the Field: Jess, Robert Duncan, and Their Circle derives its title from one of Duncan’s key books and features approximately 130 artworks—many of which have never before been shown in public—as well as numerous documents, books, and intimate ephemera. Figuring prominently are a rich cross-section of Jess’s paintings and collages, Duncan’s colorful abstract drawings, and approximately 85 works by members of their coterie. Organized by independent curators Michael Duncan and Christopher Wagstaff for Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum, An Opening of the Field reveals the complex interplay between poetry and art in the mid-century Bay Area cultural scene.