Romeo and Juliet: The Balcony Scene (Act 2, Scene 2) O Romeo, Romeo

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The student is expected to:(A) write expressive, informative, and persuasive literary texts effectively;(B) demonstrate the distinguishing characteristics of various written forms such as fictional writing, short stories, poetry, and drama in his/her own writing;(C) elaborate writing when appropriate such as using concrete images, figurative language, sensory observation, dialogue, and other rhetorical devices to enhance meaning;(D) employ various points of view to communicate effectively;(E) choose topics and forms to develop fluency and voice;(F) use word choice, sentence structure, and repetition to create tone; and(G) organize ideas in writing to ensure coherence, logical progression, and support for ideas.(2) The student selects and uses recursive writing processes for self-initiated and assigned writing.

These usually come from the characters and 'Romeo and Juliet' is rich in many different uses of language....

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Kate Chopin uses literary tools such as figurative language, symbolism, and characters’ qualities to elaborate the details of her short story “The Story of an Hour.” On February 8, 1850, Kate O’Flaherty was born to become a renowned author, Kate Chopin....

In this essay I’m going to discuss how Shakespeare builds the tension ‘Romeo and Juliet’, specifically concentrating on act 3 scenes 1.

Students are expected to:(A) write an engaging story with a well-developed conflict and resolution, interesting and believable characters, a range of literary strategies (e.g., dialogue, suspense) and devices to enhance the plot, and sensory details that define the mood or tone;(B) write a poem using a variety of poetic techniques (e.g., structural elements, figurative language) and a variety of poetic forms (e.g., sonnets, ballads); and(C) write a script with an explicit or implicit theme and details that contribute to a definite mood or tone.(15) Writing/Expository and Procedural Texts.

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