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In some respects, of course, the UK has witnessed non-stop constitutional change in recent decades: devolution, a new supreme court, ongoing alterations to the House of Lords, a controversial incorporation in its laws of the European Convention on Human Rights, a proposed reduction in the number of MPs, and much more. Yet many of these changes have been rushed through without much attempt to inform the public about what is at stake, and with only limited efforts to seek wide ratification for them. It is almost as if the redesign of Britain's constitution were just another routine government activity, like updating the country's roads or drainage systems: something that is to be done to and for the citizens of the UK, but not something that should be done by them, or even with them.

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Although Britain has, since 1653, had nothing approaching a single, codified constitution, it did for a very long time possess a broad cult of constitutional writing. The Petition of Right of 1628, like the Bill of Rights of 1689, was a cherished text. So, most of all, was Magna Carta. When the jurist William Blackstone published The Great Charter in 1759, he included a cartouche showing Britain as a sylvan paradise, nestling beneath a written text, Magna Carta. In the early 1800s, even government ministers occasionally described in Parliament as Britain's constitution. Politicians and reformers often commissioned portraits of themselves standing with a copy of the document, just as their American counterparts liked to have themselves portrayed next to copies of the federal constitution.

and asks whether the UK should now have a written constitution

There are many arguments for adopting a codified constitution in the
UK, and there are many pressure groups, political figures and ordinary
people who believe that the UK should have one.

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