It is a small Island and it is very beautiful.

Our closest neighboring country is India.The area of Sri Lanka is 65525 5q km.

The distance between point Pedro and Dewundara is 432 km.


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The distance between Colombo and Sangaman hills is 224 km.

Sri Lanka has many natural features.

The teacher at this centre, until his death in March 2000, was Godwin Samararatne - a layman with extensive experience of teaching both in Sri Lanka and abroad. Godwin's style was firmly within the Buddhist tradition but with an emphasis on metta (loving-kindness) and mindfulness in daily life. The emphasis at the centre under resident teacher Upul Gamage continues to stress these aspects. The centre is in beautiful surroundings above a tea plantation outside of Kandy.

It has long rivers, huge mountains, beautiful waterfalls and lush green forests.

A centre for experienced male meditators, and for the study of Buddhism, situated on the outskirts of Kandy. In addition to rooms within the centre several individual retreat kutis (huts) are available on the edge of the Udawattakelle forest reserve.

But there are no volcanoes and earthquakes.

Delgoda Tel. 01 445518 or 01 570306

The Sinhalese are the ... places such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Yapahuwa, Dambulla, Dambadeniya and Sigiriya attract tourists from various parts of the world to visit Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has long been renowned for its spices.

Mowbray Galaha Road Hindagala Peradeniya Tel: 08-234649

Located 16 miles from Colombo, accessible by bus route 224 (Colombo/Pugoda).
Started in 1956, and offers Vipassana instruction in the style of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma.