In 1962, Dick Tiger won the world middle weight boxing championship.


Tiger inspired lots of Nigerians to go into boxing.

I read about you comment about not writing “this essay will look at/discuss” but I don’t know how to remove it when writing an advantage and disadvantage and problem solution essay.

"The Lion of Mid-West."The match was declared a draw, although I thought Wonder Boy won.

Where is Power Mike, our master wrestler?

Dear Liz,
One writing task which misleads always is – 2 opinions discussion and your opinion. Kindly help with this. Following are the 2 examples of that
1. Some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more advantages to living in an apartment.
Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compared with living in an apartment?
2. Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.
Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Dick Tiger was an honorary Biafran army officer and tried to rally US support for Biafra.

Without the Ibo, my countrywould be a disaster.'' Then he said something that all these years later I recall withclarity even though I hadn't written it down, perhaps because eventshave since conspired to underline its bitter irony.

I am also looking for photos and information on thefollowing sports heroes that inspired me.

Bassey was the second African to become a world boxing champion.

Our eyes metmomentarily, and I self- consciously scribbled some words in mynotebook that make only partial sense as I read them now:''Giardello ducking me.

This is an article taken from our (2002) written by Justin Crozier.

To obtain a civil service position, a scholar generally required the juren provincial degree, which would take would take years of study, and even a candidate could not reasonably expect to do so before he was thirty. Many candidates who were eventually successful did not achieve office until they had reached a venerable age. The jinshi degrees were prospects for only a very few exceptional scholars. For the very highest ministerial posts, the best examination essays were selected by the Emperor himself.

It didn't figure to be an easy evening forTiger.

Jersey isn't quitting.'' The reason for the intimate press conference quickly becameapparent as Tiger gave only the briefest answers to questions aboutthe match with Rivero.

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His special quality of voice and intelligencehit me when, in a clipped colonial British accent braided with atribal African lilt, he said, ''The present champion refuses to meetme again.

I would never have recognized Tiger in theflesh.

Aristocracy-by-examination had far-reaching consequences. A high degree of national stability was ensured despite changes of emperor and dynasty because the civil service, fuelled by the exam system, could continue independently of the imperial regime. Even China's foreign conquerors, the Mongols and the Manchu, realised the benefits of the examination system. Despite denigrating Han Chinese scholars as the “Stinking Ninth” in their social ranking, the Mongols of the retained the system. The Manchu tribesmen who captured Beijing in 1644 to found the restored the civil service examinations only two years later, and although they excluded Han Chinese from the highest echelons of the Civil Service, they clearly recognised the adhesive value of the exams in binding the Han intelligentsia to the Qing regime.

He was the darkest man I had ever seen.

PANTUN: A verse form from Malaysia. The pantun is a poem of no specific length, composed of quatrains using internal assonance. The rhymes are interlinked much like in the sense that the second and fourth lines of each stanza become the first and third lines of the following stanza. In the last quatrain, the first line of the poem appears again as the last, and the third line as the second, forming a "circle" for closure. (Alternatively, the poet may end the work with a simple couplet). Ernest Fouinet introduced the genre to French literature in the 1800s. Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, and Leconte de Lisle later also experimented with it in French verse. Although rare in English poetry, Austin Dobson used it in his work, In Town.