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It is not enough to simply read “The Wasp Factory,” you have to feel it and be a part of it.

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Unfortunately, after a hockey accident, he became depressed and joined his brother in the fact that they didn’t receive their high school diplomas (“Wilbur Wright” 1).

It was just a stage I
was going through."

Nowadays, he is more interested in his "Wasp Factory," a device made out of a
large antiquated clock face Frank has salvaged from the local dump.

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Frances's dissatisfaction with her weak and castrated 'male' body and her overcompensation in terms of a warrior cult are the central elements of . Like Angela Carter's (1977), it plays with the disassociation of sex as a biological disposition and the cultural construction of gender identity. Frances is reprogrammed and tricked into believing that she is a boy. She adamantly believes in her own castration, but it is the hormones that ensure that she is entrapped in a male body. The three murders may not actually be an inexplicable phase she went through but triggered by an overdose of steroids (inadvertently) administered by her father. Gender identity, consciousness, and volition are presented as volatile concepts that are dependent on a number of biological and cultural factors.

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The narrator, whose cool prose is sometimes a bit too sophisticated for credibility, is 16-year-old Frank Cauldhame, living outside a remote Scottish village--a cheerfully insane lad who tortures animals, imagines that he gets instructions from the "Factory" (the room upstairs where he cremates wasps), and fondly recalls the three grisly/farcical murders he committed from age six to age ten.

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Frank’s is the narrative voice throughout, and he is a complex and well-drawn character. The Wasp Factory (I was dying for a description of it for ages – be patient, it’s brilliant), and the rest of the occult rituals he has developed from living on a remote island, beautifully demonstrate the machinations of his disturbed mind.

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The Wasp Factory was another of these books (a matter of maybe six months in this case) – every time I went into Waterstones I picked it up and put it down. I’m glad that I finally decided to keep hold of it.

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The Wasp Factory was the first Iain Banks book I read, and it was weird. But Weird good, as you pointed out it starts and with no explanation relentessly drawing you in till you just have to keep reading to figure out what to hell is going on.