For equations, follow these principles of aesthetics and grammar:

This handout provides steps and exercises to eliminate wordiness at the sentence level.

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The body of the essay consists of a number of paragraphs in which you present your main points and evidence to support them. If you have planned and prepared appropriately, writing the body of the essay should be fairly easy. It will almost be a of expanding what you have in note form into complete sentences, adding specific details where necessary.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information in the table below.

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This resource presents methods for adding sentence variety and complexity to writing that may sound repetitive or boring. Sections are divided into general tips for varying structure, a discussion of sentence types, and specific parts of speech which can aid in sentence variety.

For further detail about managing figures, tables, and equations, you can also visit .

Figures, tables and graphs are often used in scientific reports. Labelling and using tables and diagrams. Put graphs, tables, figures and diagrams in the Results section and complex raw data in the Appendix. in France

For thorough discussion of the basics of figures and tables, check out these sites:

IELTS Exam Preparation – Writing task one: tables

Notice the tense used. In this case there is no date given and so we must take the table information as being current now.

The body of the report will describe the information presented in the table in detail. You will need to decide on the most clear and logical order to present the material. Generally you will choose one of the categories given in the table; that is, the age or activity in the example task above. Your choice would depend on whether you could see the most significant trends occurring by age group or by activity. In this case distinguishing the age group is your primary concern in describing this table, and you would do this by highlighting some differences between the activity preferences of the age groups.

Ideally your report should end with one or two sentences which summarise your report or draw a relevant conclusion.

IELTS Writing Task 1: Table with Sample Answer

It can be clearly seen that the amount of leisure time available varies considerably across the age groups and that people of different age levels have very different ways of spending their free time.

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Selecting your information
In completing this task it is important that you cover all of the information given. However, this does not mean that you should note every detail. In tables there is invariably too much information for you to mention each figure. You will therefore need to summarise the table in meaningful segments. In other words, you will describe the significant trends in your report.

To see the trends in a table, start by finding patterns under the horizontal and vertical headings. In the sample task you would analyse the age groups and activities. We can see that at different times in their lives Someland people have more or less free time and their priorities for how they spend their free time are different. In analysing the activities we can look for which age groups spend more time on individual or group, cheap or expensive, home or outdoor, strenuous or restful activities. By describing trends in this way, we can avoid having to describe every age group across every activity.

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Selecting information
Like the line graphs your report should be structured simply with an introduction, body and conclusion. Tenses should be used appropriately.

Use two standard opening sentences to introduce the table and your report. These opening sentences should make up the first paragraph. Sentence one should define what the table is about; that is, the date, location, what is being described in the graphs etc. For example: